PESCO Helpline and Complaint Number

Pesco Helpline and Complaint number

Peshawar Electric Supply Company is offering a PESCO Helpline and complaint number (111-000-128) for its consumers to meet their needs. PESCO provides various services, including checking and downloading electricity bills, as well as information on how and where to pay the bills.

Additionally, you can find contact details for PESCO’s Helpline Services for all cities within their jurisdiction here.

PESCO Helpline and Email Addresses:

If you have any complaints or emergencies, you can contact them at the provided phone numbers and email addresses below:


PESCO Contact Numbers for Different Circles

Circle NameContact Number

PESCO Bill Connection Issues and its Solutions

How to increase the electrical load capacity for commercial use?

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) provides a form called the A & A form for its customers. This form allows you to increase the capacity of your electricity connection.

To increase your electricity load, you’ll need to deposit a security difference, which is required for both the sanctioned load and the load enhancement. You will also need to pay the associated charges for these services Including:

If you received any subsidies or benefits for the initial capital connection cost when obtaining your new PESCO connection, you are required to reimburse those.

Additionally, you must cover the expenses for the materials needed to extend the electricity load.

How to address and resolve low-voltage problems within a specific area?

The best way to solve ‘low-voltage issues’ is to contact your local SDO-XEN-SE and submit an application to them.

They will review your application and forward it to the relevant PESCO office to increase the voltage in your area. Their team will then come and resolve the issue.

How to address the situation when your new PESCO electricity meter registers a higher consumption rate compared to the older one?

The new electricity meter doesn’t run fast; instead, it works correctly. In comparison, the old meter becomes slow, so the company replaces it.

There is no need for you to worry. It’s just a matter of the performance of the new and old meters, not a technical issue.

How to handle PESCO bills received under the previous homeowner’s name?

To change the name on an old house connection, you can follow the same process as applying for a new connection. Therefore, visit the PESCO office, apply for a new connection, and mention your shifting details.

How to safely remove hazardous wires and poles from the doorway to prevent accidents?

If you want to move the poles and electricity wires to a different location because they were installed before the construction of buildings and houses, you will need to visit the executive engineer in your area and submit an application to them.

They will prepare a chart outlining the cost of relocating the pole and wires. The applicant will be responsible for covering this cost if they wish to have the pole installed in another location.