IESCO Tariff Guide

IESCO Tariff Guide, Islamabad Electric Supply Company Tariff
IESCO Tariff Guide, Islamabad Electric Supply Company Tariff

IESCO Tariff Guide is published by Islamabad Electric Supply Company, which is the distribution circle of WAPDA Pakistan and provides electricity to its consumers.

If you are a consumer of IESCO and want to know about its tariff details, you are in the right place. Just take a look at the information provided below for complete tariff rates in two minutes.


General Supply Tariffs: Residential (A-1)

Sanctioned Load (kW)Protected (Units)Un-Protected (Units)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)
Up to 5Up to 503.95
Up to 501 – 1007.74
Up to 5001 – 1007.74
Up to 5101 – 20010.06
Up to 51-100 Units16.48
Up to 5101-200 Units22.95
Up to 5201-300 Units27.14
Up to 5301-400 Units32.03
Up to 5401-500 Units35.24
Up to 5501-600 Units36.66
Up to 5601-700 Units37.80
Up to 5Above 700 Units42.72
5 kW & abovePeak: 41.89, Off-Peak: 35.57

Minimum Monthly Customer Charge

  • Single-phase connections: Rs. 75/- per consumer per month
  • Three-Phase Connections: Rs. 150 per consumer per month

General Supply Tariff: Commercial (A-2)

Sanctioned Load (kW)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)
Up to 537.75
5 kW & above39.43
Time Of UsePeak: 41.35, Off-Peak: 35.38
Electric Vehicle Charging Station39.43

Minimum Monthly Charges

  • Single-phase connections: Rs. 175/- per consumer per month
  • Three-Phase Connections: Rs. 350 per consumer per month

Industrial Tariff (B)

Sanctioned Load (kW)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)
Up to 2534.33
Exceeding 25-50033.83
Time Of UseB1(b): Peak 37.89, Off-Peak 32.33
Exceeding 25–500 (Time Of Use)Peak 37.83, Off-Peak 32.12
All Loads up to 5000 kW (11,33 kV)Peak 37.83, Off-Peak 32.03
All Loads (66,132 kV & above)Peak 37.83, Off-Peak 31.93

Minimum Monthly Charge for B1 and B1 (b) Consumers

  • Rs. 350 per month

Single-Point Supply (C)

Sanctioned Load (kW)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)
Up to 5 (400/230V)38.43
Above 5 & up to 500 (400/230V)37.93
Up to 5000 kW (11,33 kV)37.73
Above 5000 kW (66 kV & above)37.63
Time Of Use (Optional)Peak 41.35, Off-Peak 34.75

Minimum Monthly Charges

  • Rs. 2000/- per consumer per month for the agricultural tariff

Temporary Supply Tariffs (E)

CategoryVariable Charges (Rs./kWh)
Residential Supply42.03
Commercial Supply38.14
Industrial Supply35.41

Minimum Bill for E-1(i) and E-1(ii) Categories

  • Rs. 50/- per day or Rs. 500/- for the entire period of supply

Public Lighting (G)

Street LightingVariable Charges (Rs./kW)

Minimum Monthly Charge

  • Rs. 500/- per month per KW of lamp capacity installed


  • Financing cost surcharges @Rs. 0.43/ KWh applies to all consumers (Except Life Line Consumers of the residential A-1 Category) for electricity sold.
  • Tariff-F consumers have the option to convert to Regular Tariffs and vice versa.

What is the Tariff Rate?

To understand the IESCO Tariff, you first need to know that IESCO charges its consumers for different types of connections, and these charges are referred to as the ‘Tariff.’

In simple terms, the electricity company, which incurs expenses on the production of electricity and provides electricity to its consumers at a reasonable rate, is called the ‘Tariff Rate.’

Tariff charges vary for different types of connections, such as local consumers who take connections for their homes have different charges, industrial connections have separate charges, and these charges are higher than those for domestic connections.

This is because industrial connections consume more electricity and operate for longer durations than domestic connections.


June to September Peak-hours timing-5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
October to May Peak-hours timing-6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Presently, following the NEPRA policy, the rate for net metering is Rs. 19.32 per kilowatt-hour.