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Welcome to, Check your Islamabad Electric Supply Company bill for your home, office, or other commercial use, you can quickly get your IESCO electricity duplicate bill here for free.

With your current bill duplicate copy, you will get complete information such as consumer details, due dates, how to pay bills online, and a preview of the last ’12 months’ prior statement. Check that statement and verify whether your previous bill has been paid or not.

How Do I Check My IESCO Bill Online?

If you’re facing any difficulty checking your IESCO Online Bill Check, we’ll simply guide you. Firstly, you’ll need the reference number or customer ID number from your current month’s bill.

IESCO Online Bill Check Reference Number Previes
Infographics: IESCO Bill Preview

Type it in the provided ‘input field above’, and you’ll get a duplicate bill within seconds. If you’re unsure about the reference number, look at the image below and follow the process quickly.

How To Pay an IESCO Bill Online

Gone are the days of standing in long lines to pay electricity bills. IESCO Online Bill Check has revolutionized the billing and payment process, making it hassle-free and time-efficient. Customers can now receive their bills via SMS or view them on

With multiple secure payment options, including credit and debit cards, mobile wallets (Easypaisa and Jazzcash), and online banking, customers can settle their dues conveniently from the comfort of their homes. If you are a resident of Peshawar, you can also check the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) bill here for free.

Save Your Reference Number Here is the only website that is not only user-friendly but also allows you to save your reference number here. So, the next time you want to check your IESCO bill, you can get a preview of your bill with just a single click. You can download it and print it if you want.

How To Contact IESCO Complaint Cell

To register your complaint, you can visit IESCO’s Billing Complaint Resolution Desk Center.

IESCO Address

Located at Street # 40, Sector G-7/4, Islamabad.

IESCO Contact Number

For assistance, you can contact the IESCO Helpline at 051-925-2937.

Note: If you wish to visit a customer service center near your area, you can refer to the list below for your respective region.

IESCO Email Address:

IESCO Distribution Circles

IESCO Islamabad Electric Supply Company Distribution Circles
Infographics/IESCO Jurisdiction

IESCO Circles and Areas Customer Service Centers

If you’re an IESCO customer seeking assistance or information, you can easily connect with one of the many customer service centers. These centers are strategically located across the region to serve you better. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Office Name/AddressOffice Contacts
CSC Sowan Garden, Plot. 1, Street No. 4, F-Block Shalimar Road, Sowan Garden Islamabad051-9244301-2, 111-390-390, MB>0307-8881783, Fax>051-2822010.
CSC G-9, Plot No. 7-B G-9 Markaz, (Karachi Company) Islamabad.051-2285931, MB>0307-8881780, Fax>051-2285932
CSC Marrir Hassan, Rawalpindi051-9292692, MB>0307-8881782, Fax>051-9272123
CSC Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi111-309-309/051-4927303, MB>0307-8881776, Fax>051-4580617
CSC Sowan Garden, Plot. 1, Street No. 4, F-Block Shalimar road, Sowan Garden Islamabad051-5738621, MB>0307-8881773
CSC Chakri Inter Change, Rawalpindi0514-675245, MB>0307-8881772, Fax>0514-675114
CSC Jhelum, GTS Cheowk, Jhelum Cantt0544-9270169, MB>0307-8881501, Fax>0544-9270170
CSC FATEH JANG, Near Nadra Office, Fateh Jang057-2212067, MB>0307-8881781, 057-2212067
CSC TEXILA, GT Road Newr Lari Addah Taxila051-9314162-63, MB>0307-8881778, Fax>051-931162-63
CSC ATTOK, Near Jamia Masjid, Islamia High School, Attok City057-2702756, MB>0307-8881774
CSC CHAKWAL, Tehsil Chowk Zila Counsil Plaza Chakwal0543-553279, MB>0307-8881775, Fax>0543-554817
Source: IESCO

IESCO History

Islamabad Electric Supply Company is an electric utility company named IESCO in Islamabad, formed on April 25, 1998, to take over the assets, functions, and responsibilities of the former Islamabad Area Electricity Board, which was then a division of WAPDA.

Is IESCO Private?

Islamabad Electric Supply Company Limited (IESCO) is a Public Limited Company and descends in the category of public interest company under the third schedule of the Companies Act 2017.

IESCO Online Bill Check: Complete Details

IESCO consumers can generate their latest bill here. From Islamabad to Rawalpindi, Jhelum to Attock, all of them can enter their 14-digit reference number to learn the status of their bill’s registration, the number of units consumed, and the bill slab.

So, type the details of your bill in the input field above and get your duplicate Wapda bill. You can also check the details of your previous bill payments.

24/7 Customer Support:

IESCO believes in being there for its customers whenever they need assistance. The company offers 24/7 customer support through multiple channels, including a helpline, email, and live chat.

Whether it’s a technical issue or a billing query, IESCO’s dedicated support team is always ready to provide prompt and helpful solutions.

IESCO New Connection Charges

Lump Sum Charges for New General Connections – Tariffs A1 and A2

Single-phase Meter

Sr. No.Service Line LengthFixed Cost
1Up to 20 metersRs. 8,500
220 to 30 metersRs. 10,500
330 to 40 metersRs. 11,500
440 to 100 metersRs. 11,000 plus Rs. 800 per meter above 40 meters
5100 to 160 metersRs. 60,000 plus Rs. 1000 per meter above 100 meters
IESCO Apply for Meter

Three-phase Meter

Sr. No.Service Line LengthFixed Cost
1Up to 20 metersRs. 36,500
220 to 30 metersRs. 43,000
330 to 40 metersRs. 50,000
4Above 40 metersThe actual cost of LT Pole and allied material as per the latest rates issued by Chief Engineer (MM) IESCO
Please note that the above charges are subject to change and should be confirmed with IESCO’s official sources.

IESCO Customer Service Centers

If you’re an IESCO customer seeking assistance or information, you can easily connect with one of the many Customer Service Centers.

These centers are strategically located across the region to serve you better. Let’s take a look at some of them:

IESCO Latest Tariff: July 2023

Simplified Guide to IESCO Per Unit Price: Know What You Pay

If you’re an Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) customer, understanding your electricity bill just got easier. Starting July 2023, new electricity tariff rates have been introduced. Let’s break down the changes and help you navigate through the information.

Residential Tariffs: For residential consumers, the tariff rates have been adjusted based on your monthly electricity consumption. Here’s what you need to know:

Consumption Range (Units)Tariff (Rs./kWh)
Up to 50: Life Line3.95
101 – 20010.06
201 – 30027.14
301 – 40032.03
401 – 50035.24
501 – 60036.66
601 – 70037.80
Above 70042.72
Time Off UsagePeak HourOff-Peak Hour
Rs. 41.89Rs. 35.57

IESCO Commercial Tariffs Rate: For businesses, the tariff rates are as follows:

Sanctioned Load (kW)Peak (Rs./kWh)Off-Peak (Rs./kWh)
Up to 537.7535.57
5 & above39.4335.38

Industrial Tariffs: Industries also have specific rates:

Load Range (kW)Tariff (Rs./kWh)
Up to 2534.33
25 – 50033.83
Above 500037.83

Agricultural Tariffs: Agricultural consumers will find these rates:

Load Range (kW)Peak (Rs./kWh)Off-Peak (Rs./kWh)
Up to 537.3530.10
5 & above24.1024.10

Temporary and Special Tariffs: Temporary and special contracts also have their rates:

Tariff CategoryPeak (Rs./kWh)Off-Peak (Rs./kWh)
Residential Supply42.03
Commercial Supply38.14
Industrial Supply35.41

Remember, these rates are effective for a year from the notification date. It’s important to note that there might be minimum monthly charges based on your connection type.

Plan Ahead: Understanding these tariffs can help you manage your energy consumption and budget effectively. Always refer to your monthly bill to ensure you’re aware of your actual charges.

Source: IESCO (S.R.O 938 (I)/2023, July 2023)


IESCO’s commitment to providing reliable electricity and a seamless customer experience makes it a leading player in the power distribution industry.

Through its user-friendly interface, efficient services, and customer-centric approach, IESCO has transformed the way people interact with their electricity provider.

As the company embraces innovation and looks toward the future, it remains dedicated to empowering lives through the power of electricity and an exceptional user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access the official website and ensure you have your essential 14-digit reference number ready for obtaining your billing detail. You can find this 12-digit number on your electric bill, typically located in a designated box, often situated in the lower corner of the bill.

  1. Visit the official website and select your desired service, just like (IESCO Online Bill Check)
    2. After selecting IESCO, you will see the input field for the bill reference number
    3. Type your reference number or 10-digit consumer ID number to check your bill for free, and get 12 12-month statement with your current electricity bill.
    4. Additionally you will see the complete information about WAPDA and its related information including WAPDA tariff, Due Dates, New connection policy, online bill payment methods etc.

Visit the official website, your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID to check your bill quickly, then open your full bill the with view full bill button, and then you can download your IESCO or other service bill for free.

To figure out how much electricity you’ve used, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Multiply the total wattage (the amount of power your devices use) by the total time they were running in hours.
  2. Then, divide the result by 1000. This will give you the units of electricity consumed.

For example, if you have a 100-watt light bulb that’s on for 5 hours, the calculation would look like this:

100 watts x 5 hours = 500 watt-hours 500 watt-hours ÷ 1000 = 0.5 units consumed

So, in this example, you’ve used 0.5 units of electricity.

To register a complaint, simply go to the official IESCO website. On the website, there is a dedicated “Complaints” section. In this section, you’ll find a form that you can fill out to report any issues related to your electricity service. Alternatively, you can send an email to IESCO’s customer care department at to report your complaint or concern.

Installments can’t be used for the current bill. However, if you owe money for electricity from previous bills, you can pay in installments. You might be charged interest at the current bank rates when you choose to pay in installments.

For regular connections, if you owe up to Rs. 2,000, the SDO can allow up to three monthly installments. If the arrears are up to Rs. 10,000, the XEN can allow up to three monthly installments. When the arrears reach Rs. 100,000, the SE can allow up to four monthly installments. The CEO can approve up to six monthly installments.

These rules are only applied in cases where it’s fair and the consumer hasn’t missed payments for the last six months. We also ask the consumer to promise in writing that they’ll pay the installment bills along with their current usage bills on time, and they won’t ask for more installments before they pay their electricity dues. This is a requirement for them to keep their electricity connection.