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We welcome you to onlineebill.pk, where you can easily get your HESCO Online Bill Check. enter your electricity bill’s 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID number in the provided form and obtain a duplicate copy of your bill along with the statements of the previous 12 months. You can easily download and print them for your convenience.

Note: By this duplicate bill statement you can verify whether your HESCO bill is paid or not.

Peak and Off-Peak Hours Timing 2024

DurationPeak TimingOff-Peak Timing
April to November6:30 PM to 10:30 PMRemaining 20 hours of the day
November to March6:00 PM to 10:00 PMRemaining 20 hours of the day

Peak and Off Peak Hours Rate 2024

Peak Hours TareOff-Peak Hours Rate
34.40 per unit kWH28.07 per unit kWH

حیسکو ڈپلیکیٹ بل چیک کرنے کا طریقہ

اگر آپ کو بل چیک کرنے میں کوئی رکاوٽ درپيش ہورھی ہے تو آپ سب سے پہلے بل مین درج کردہ ریفرنس نمبر دیکھیں یا کسٹمر آئی ڈی کو چیک کریں۔ اگر آپ کو ان دونوں نمبروں کی خبر نہیں تو، براہ کرم نيچۍ دي گعي تصویر کو دیکھ کر اندازہ لگائیں۔ پھر اس نمبر کو اوپر دیے گئے فارم میں ٹائپ کریں اور اپنے گزرے ہوئے مہینے کے بل اور اسکۍ ساتھ پڇلۍ 12 مہینے کا بل بھی تفصیل سے حاصل کریں۔

How To Check HESCO Online Bill

When doing the HESCO Online Bill Check and you encounter any difficulty, please read the following two lines carefully: To check the HESCO bill, you first need the reference number.

If you are unsure where to find the 14-digit reference number, look at the photo provided below. The reference number is marked there, along with the 10-digit consumer ID.

HESCO Bill Ref No 1
Infographics/HESCO Reference Number and Consumer ID Number Preview

HESCO Online Bill Check

You can check your bill using either of these two numbers, which will provide you with the current bill, due date, and statements for the past few months in the printed document.

HESCO Bill Online Free Download

HESCO Bill online Free Download
Infographic: Button to Download the Entire Bill

This interface will appear when you enter your electricity bill ID number and choose Check Bill to view basic bill information. However, if you want to see and download the full bill, select the View FULL Bill button, and you’ll see the full preview of your HESCO duplicate bill, which you can download with one click.

HESCO Power Distribution Circles

HESCO works hard to provide continuous electricity and excellent customer service to around 1,178,412 consumers. To achieve this,


they have divided 12 districts in Sindh Province into 4 operation circles, 15 operation divisions, and 69 operation subdivisions.

Infographics/HESCO Territory

Additionally, they have six construction divisions and five M&T divisions. The company is dedicated to efficiently managing its operations and serving its customers effectively.

Note: If you are a resident of Sukkur, then you can also check the SEPCO bill online here.

HESCO Address

Hesco Headquarters, Wapda Complex, Hussainabad, Hyderabad, Sindh

Contact Detail

Phone: +9222-9260161

Email: dmprhescohyd@gmail.com

Timings: Monday to Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

HESCO Bill App

This android-based customer facilitation mobile app portal for HESCO consumers is a step forward towards making electricity consumers able to access billing details and information regarding load management schedules, demand notice forms, and customer care services. The Android-based application also allows electricity users to lodge and track their complaints by their connection ID

HESCO Per Uni Price 2024

Here is the HESCO tariff rate information for 2024:

Residential/Domestic Bill Unit Price 2024

No. of UnitsPrice/tariff per unit (Rs/kWh)
001-100 unitsRs. 13.51
101-200 unitsRs. 15.78
201-300 unitsRs. 30.00
301-400 unitsRs. 33.04
401 – 500 unitsRs. 35.26
501 – 600 unitsRs. 36.50
601-700 unitsRs. 37.90
Above 700 unitsRs. 42.95

Commercial Bill Unit Price -2024

LoadPrice/tariff per unit (Rs/kWh)
Load less than 5 kWRs. 37.37
Load 5 kW & aboveRs. 39.73

In the latest tariff rates as of 2024, HESCO has defined unit prices for both residential and commercial consumers. Residential consumers will pay according to the number of units consumed, with prices ranging from Rs. 13.51 per kWh for the first 100 units to Rs. 42.95 per kWh for consumption above 700 units.

On the other hand, commercial consumers will experience different rates based on their load capacity. Those with a load less than 5 kW will pay Rs. 37.37 per kWh, while those with a load of 5 kW and above will pay a slightly higher rate of Rs. 39.73 per kWh.

HESCO Jurisdiction Areas Map

HESCO Electric Company Jurisdiction Areas in Map

Electrical Safety Tips in the Raining Season:

  • Keep a distance from electricity poles, PMTs, and substations.
  • Avoid areas with water accumulation around electrical installations.
  • Don’t try to fix electrical systems or remove tree branches from power lines.
  • Place portable generators away from the main service connection.
  • Avoid touching wet electrical switches or switches on street light poles.
  • Never tie motorcycles or bicycles to electric poles.

HESCO Reconnection Policy

When your premises are disconnected, you can get reconnected by contacting DISCO (insert DISCO’s name) and following these conditions:

  1. Pay all the outstanding dues or partial payments as allowed by DISCO (insert DISCO’s name).
  2. For disconnections up to ninety days, pay the fixed or minimum charges for that duration.
  3. If the disconnection is between ninety days and up to three years, you’ll need to pay the fixed or minimum charges for one month for every quarter, along with the charges for the first ninety days. Any period shorter than a quarter will not be considered.
  4. If the disconnection lasts more than three years, you’ll also have to pay the fixed or minimum charges for the disconnected period beyond three years up to the reconnection date, in addition to the charges mentioned in (a) and (b) above.
  5. For disconnections lasting beyond three years and up to five years, you’ll be charged one month’s fee for every year. Periods shorter than a year won’t be counted in the calculation.

HESCO Reconnection Fees for Outstanding Bills

DescriptionReconnection Fee (RS)
Arrears up to Rs. 5,000Rs. 500
Arrears between Rs. 5,001 and Rs. 20,000Rs. 800
Arrears between Rs. 20,001 and Rs. 1 LacRs. 2,000
Arrears between Rs. 1 Lac to Rs. 10 LacRs. 4,000
Arrears over Rs. 10 LacRs. 10,000
Disconnection due to dishonest abstractionRs. 2,000

Moving General Connection

You can shift your general connection under the following conditions, if technically possible:

  1. The new location is within the same area where you currently have the connection.
  2. The new location must be in your name or the name of your legal heir. If it’s in the name of your legal heir, we’ll also process a ‘change of name’ as per the rules.
  3. You’ll need to pay charges for dismantling, reinstallation, and any extra materials and equipment required for the shift.
  4. You should update your security deposits based on the current rates.
  5. Make sure there are no outstanding dues on the existing connection.


OnlineEbill.pk, is your convenient platform for checking your HESCO online bill. By entering either your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID number in the provided form, you can easily obtain a duplicate copy of your bill and access statements for the past five months. Download and print them for your convenience.

If you face any challenges while checking your HESCO bill online, remember these key points: You’ll need the reference number, which is either the 14-digit reference number or the 10-digit consumer ID number. If you’re unsure about locating the 14-digit reference number, refer to the provided image, where it’s marked alongside the 10-digit consumer ID.


The potential customer can obtain an application form at no charge from the Sub-Division office located in their area. Once the application form is completed, it must be submitted back to the Sub-Division office.

The clerk in charge will issue a receipt as an acknowledgment of receiving the application. The Sub-Division will then process the new connection application, and the installation process will take approximately 35 to 45 days.

If, for any technical or other valid reason, a connection cannot be established, the prospective customer will be promptly informed about the rejection of their application along with the reasons for it.

In case any bill contains any error, the consumer should report it to the concerned Sub-Division / Revenue Office.

15 Days period is allowed for the deposit of the HESCO electricity bill.

WAPDA has collaborated with all scheduled Banks in Pakistan, Easypaisa, and JazzCash, along with post offices that have branches nationwide, to make bill payment convenient for consumers.

Customers can easily pay their bills at any authorized Bank branch or Post Office within their District or City.

For whatever reason a connection has been disconnected it can be reconnected by applying for the same on the prescribed form available with the concerned Revenue Office free of cost, and after complying with the specified instructions, the connection is resorted.

The consumer needs to submit an application to the SDO or another competent authority. They will then verify the load and test report, and arrange for load reduction or extension accordingly.