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GEPCO online bill check for (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) current bill with the previous 12 months’ statements on duplicate bill copy in one click. This website is connected with the GEPCO official billing site, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Just type a 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID number in the provided input field above and get your complete electricity bill information in one click.

Note: Some of the reference numbers have been revised, so please enter your updated ID number (in case your reference number is updated) as mentioned on your Gujranwala Electric Power Company online bill.

Online Electricity Bill Payment

All branches of all commercial banks have been authorized to collect electricity bills across Pakistan.

What is a Reference Number?

For GEPCO online bill checking, the reference number is the main source to check your electric bill online. If you don’t know where to find the reference number, then just read this detail and see the bill photo provided below.

GEPCO Online Bill Check Reference Number Preview
Infographics/GEPCO Bill Copy showing Reference number and Consumer ID

GEPCO Online Bill Check

The reference number you can find on your Gujranwala Electric Power Company online bill is on the top left side under (connection date).

Find that number and type it in the provided input field at the top of to generate you’re How to Make Payments of GEPCO Bill Online, the current bill, and 12 months’ previous bill statements for free.

You can also check your IESCO Islamabad Circle bill here.

GEPCO Bill Check By CNIC

GEPCO has introduced a convenient way for its consumers to register their mobile numbers and CNIC numbers on the website. This allows you to register yourself and access all the details related to your electric bill. To register, you will need your Bill Reference number, CNIC number, name, and mobile number.

GEPCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours Timing

GEPCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours Timing
(Infographics: Gujranwala Peak Hours timing)

How to Download GEPCO Bill Online

If you need to download your Gujranwala Electric Power Company online bill, it’s quite simple. After you’ve checked your bill using the method I previously explained, you’ll notice a “View Full Bill” button.

GEPCO Bill Online Free Download
(Preview of bill information on bill check)

When you click on this button, a new page will open up. On this page, right-click to choose the option “Save or Download” and specify how many pages you want to download.

After you’ve made your choices, just click on the “Save” button, and you will get your bill copy on your computer or mobile device.

How to Make Payments for GEPCO Bill Online

You can pay your Gepco (electricity) bills at any of the following collection points with ease:

  • All Commercial Banks
  • All Post Office Branches
  • Nadra Collection Points
  • One Link
  • Mobile Banking
  • Easy Paisa Account

GEPCO Mobile Data Collection

Do you want your monthly Wapda bill on your mobile number? Read the instructions below:

In today’s era, everyone wants convenience, and you probably share the concern of when and how much your electricity bill will arrive! Considering this, GEPCO has introduced a new service where they will send you all the details of your monthly bill, including the reading, via SMS on your mobile number. This service has been recently introduced to make it even more convenient for consumers.

To subscribe to this mobile data collection service, visit GEPCO’s official website and enter:

  • your mobile number
  • bill reference number
  • your name
  • and if you have an email

This step is aimed at making your experience smoother and worry-free when it comes to keeping track of your electricity bills.

GEPCO MIS Online Service

In the heart of Pakistan, the Gujranwala Electric Power Company, affectionately known as GEPCO, goes beyond the conventional to provide a remarkable service named the Management Information System (MIS). MIS, short for Management Information System, is a service meticulously crafted to cater not only to the needs of GEPCO’s valued consumers but also to enhance the working experience for its dedicated staff.

The primary goal behind the creation of the Management Information System is to offer online services to GEPCO consumers. Simultaneously, it allows GEPCO employees to access their necessary details through the MIS service. The aim is to make Gujranwala Electric Power Company’s operations transparent and user-friendly.

In the age where almost every user and employee has access to the internet, utilizing the GEPCO website through the MIS service becomes an easy way to obtain the desired information, be it resolving connection issues as a consumer or checking employment details as an employee.

How to Use MIS Service Online

If you are an electricity user, simply visit the official GEPCO website, create your account, and start using the MIS service. For employees, accessing the service is as easy as using your ID credentials.

All Services Offered by GEPCO Management Information System:

  • Paying electricity bills through installment plans.
  • Checking load-shedding complaints.
  • Applying for a new connection.
  • Generating e-bills for your convenience.
  • Enabling SMS or email services for GEPCO consumers.
  • Generating reports on consumer behavior as an employee.
  • Utilizing case and complaint management services.
  • Employing a robust firewall for data safety and cybersecurity.
  • Providing excellent online services for both consumers and employees.

For those who are not yet familiar with how to use the MIS Service, the following steps will guide you in creating an account and making the most of the services offered:

  • Visit the GEPCO website and easily create your account by providing the required details.
  • Log in to your new account.
  • After logging in, you will be presented with an interface offering various options based on your needs. Click on the relevant options to benefit from the MIS service.

GEPCO’s Management Information System is not just a service; it’s a gateway to convenience, transparency, and empowerment. Join the GEPCO family today and experience the future of utility services at your fingertips.

GEPCO Helpline

To find GEPCO’s helpline numbers, visit their official website and look for the Rapid Response Unit. There, you will discover the content numbers for all service center cities under Gepco.

GEPCO Distribution Circles

Gepco stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company, incorporated on April 25, 1998. GEPCO is responsible for electric supply and maintenance in the following circles:

GEPCO Distribution Circles
Infographics/GEPCO Territory

Gepco has about 3098120 active electricity connections. The recovery of electricity bills is almost completed every month

GEPCO e-complain Service

Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) has also provided the convenience of e-complaints for its valued customers. This allows you to easily submit your complaints from the comfort of your home, and you will receive a response via email, SMS, or phone call.

Procedure to submit an e-complaint form:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Cell Number
  • City or Circle
  • Division
  • Nature of Complaint
  • Reference Number


Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) was established to manage the area that was previously under the jurisdiction of the Area Electricity Board. This board covered regions like Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin.

GEPCO was officially formed on April 25, 1998, and received authorization to begin operations on June 5, 1998. The leadership and management of GEPCO are handled by a Board of Directors (BOD).

Back in the 1960s, the Government of Pakistan decided to create a separate entity responsible for managing water resources and the power system, including power generation, transmission, and distribution.

This entity was named the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), which was one of the largest organizations in Pakistan after the military. In the 1980s, WAPDA’s power distribution network was divided into eight Area Electricity Boards (AEBs), with Gujranwala being one of them.

In 1998, WAPDA underwent a split into two main sectors: PEPCO and WAPDA. WAPDA became focused solely on water resources and hydro-generation, while PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) took charge of thermal generation (GENCOs: Generation Companies), transmission (NTDC: National Transmission & Dispatch Company), and distribution (DISOs: Distribution Companies).

PEPCO was initially formed as a temporary supervisor of GENCOs, NTDCs, and DISCOs, to be dissolved once these companies could operate independently under the oversight of their respective boards of directors (BODs).

GEPCO currently serves around 3,098,120 connections, and its average monthly collection for the year 2016–17 was approximately 8,937 million rupees.

GEPCO Jurisdiction Map

GEPCO Jurisdiction Map
Infographics/GEPCO Jurisdiction Map


Here’s the method for performing an online GEPCO bill check: Go to the website and locate the ‘GEPCO Online Bill Check Tool’ option on the top. This will take you to a webpage where you can input your reference number or customer ID to view your GEPCO bills for free.

Ans: The change in name of the connection can be arranged by applying for the same to the concerned Sub-Division on the prescribed application form to be submitted duly filled in along with the required document to substantiate justification for a change of name.

This article will guide you through the steps to find out your MEPCO bill using your CNIC number. Step 1: Go to the official MEPCO website. Step 2: Choose the bill inquiry section. Step 3: Input your CNIC number. Step 4: See your MEPCO bill. Step 5: Save or print the bill. Step 6: Complete the payment process.

You can check the Gepco duplicate bill and download, and print the Gepco bill online, can save as pdf your bill for free. So, if you’re interested in doing that you just need internet access and you have to open and you need to enter your 14-digit Gepco reference number to get the bill.