SEPCO Online Bill Check

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Check your SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Supply Company) online bill in just 2 steps with this easy-to-use toll. First, what you are reading right now, and second, immediately after this paragraph, you will see the online bill input field.

Download the Current Bill And the Previous 5 Months’ Statement

Current month’s bill, as well as the statements of the previous 4 to 5 months. This Data is only available on this website, and even the official Sepco website will not provide it.

There, you can enter your Electricity Bill’s 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID Number to download a copy of your

سیپکو کا بل چیک کرنے کا طریقہ

اگر آپ کو بل چیک کرنے میں کوئی رکاوٹ درپیش آرہی ہے تو آپ سب سے پہلے بل پر دیئے گئے ریفرنس نمبر کو چیک کریں یا کسٹمر آئی ڈی نمبر کو چیک کریں۔ اگر آپ کو ان دو نمبروں کی معلومات نہیں مل رہی ہے تو نیچے دی گئی تصویر کو دیکھ کر تخمینہ لگائیں۔ پھر اس نمبر کو اوپر دیے گئے فارم میں ٹائپ کریں اور اپنے گزرے ہوئے مہینے کا بل اور اسکے ساتھ پچھلے پانچ مہینے کا بل بھی تفصیل سے حاصل کریں۔

How To Check SEPCO Bill Online

SEPCO Online Bill Check through the reference number is the easiest and most commonly used method; that’s why the reference number is essential. If you don’t know where to find the reference number, look on the left side of your electricity bill copy, and you will find it.

SEPCO Online Bill CHeck Reference Number Infographics
Infographics/SEPCO Bill

How To Pay SEPCO Online Bill

Here, you can easily download your electric bill and take a printout of it to pay your bill through this duplicate copy.

You can take the printed copy of your bill and pay it at any Bank Branch, Nadra Kiost, EasyPaisa shop, or JazzCash shop.

About SEPCO Online Bill Check

SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Supply Company) is an electric distribution company that came into existence on 26 July 2010 after the division of HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) into two parts. Before this division, HESCO used to distribute electricity throughout Sindh.

SEPCO Serving Areas:

SEPCO offers power distribution services across 10 districts within the Sindh province. The company operates through 4 circles, including 3 operational circles and one GSO (General Services and Operations) circle.

Infographics/SEPCO Territory

Covering an expansive area of 56,300 square kilometers, SEPCO efficiently provides electricity to a vast network of about 690,500 customers. The following table presents the districts encompassed by SEPCO’s service area:

SEPCO Geographical Area Map

SEPCO Geographical Area Map
Map Source-Sepco

SEPCO Contact Detail:

Help Line No.118
Phone Number071-9310795
Regional Customer Service Center071-9310921
Head Office AddressThermal Power Station Old Sukkur
SEPCO/Contact Details


To check the SEPCO Bill online, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you need to click on the link provided below.
  2. The link >> will take you to a webpage through which you can access the duplicate copy of your SEPCO bill online.
  3. On this web page, Enter your 14-digit Reference Number.
  4. Click on the “Check Bill” button and download or save your eBill.

The consumer number, sometimes known as the reference number, is a special 14-digit number. You get this number when you first get your electricity connection. You can find it in the top left corner of your bill.

Go to the WAPDA website, Enter your reference number to quickly check your bill. After that, you can view your complete bill and download your Pesco WAPDA bill for free. Do you know the PESCO complaint number?

FPA, which stands for ‘Fuel Price Adjustment,’ is something that affects everyone in Pakistan who uses electricity. It’s a fee you pay to the electric company. In Pakistan, companies like SEPCO, MEPCO, FESCO, IESCO, and others add two different charges to your monthly electricity bill based on how much electricity you’ve used.